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Liz Davies

Liz Davies was born in Monmouthshire, South Wales, and grew up surrounded by beautiful hilly countryside, from which she developed a deep connection with the ‘space outside’, as well as a passion for plants and gardens. She first trained as an occupational therapist, and became interested in gardening as a therapy. In 1993 she retrained as a garden designer, completing the diploma course at the College of Garden Design, based at Pershore Horticultural College, Worcestershire. In 1999, she became a Full Member of the Society of Garden Designers (MSGD). She has consulted and designed many gardens for corporate, public and private clients, and her designs have appeared in The Book of Garden Plans and Garden Plans for Small Gardens, and her garden has featured in many magazines including Period Living and The English Garden. Liz has now retired from full-time garden design, and concentrates on developing her own garden, opening it to the public and teaching yoga in the garden during summer months.


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