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The Common Names of Wildflowers in English and French

The Common Names of Wildflowers in English and French
  • ISBN-10: 1 85341 027 6
  • Pages: 132
  • Dimensions: 140 x 215 (mm)
Author(s): Patrick Whitmore


Often bizarre, sometimes confusing, the names of wild flowers provide fascination to botanists and local historians alike. Patrick Whitmore has brought together over 900 English and French wildflower names, fully indexed and arranged under the botanical names of 390 species (dialect names have been excluded). Also included is a section on names by allusion to animals and birds, to biblical, ecclesiastical and mythological subjects, and to human attributes, afflictions and remedies. This book should supplement standard reference books and wildflower guides and will appeal to natural historians, travellers, philologists and translators.

Author / Compiler

Patrick Whitmore


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