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It is with great sadness we report the sudden death of Michael Packard on Wednesday June 1st 2022.

The family are working through his affairs, and as such, no trading is possible that would usually have occurred through Michael himself, however some books are still available from his distributors.

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What You Need to Know About Japanese Knotweed

What You Need to Know About Japanese Knotweed
  • Date of publication: 25 March 2022
  • Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-84531-168-7
  • Pages: 68 pages - Perfect-bound paper pocketbook
  • Images: 33 colour, 2 black & white
  • Dimensions: 193 x 110 mm
  • Weight: 72 grammes
Author(s): Jim Glaister


This handy pocketbook separates fact from fiction about Japanese knotweed. If you have the plant in your garden, or your neighbour has, this book will advise what to do. Look inside for the answers to:

  • Why is knotweed such a menace?
  • Will Japanese knotweed prevent me from selling my property? 
  • Dare I buy a property with knotweed growing on it?
  • What shouldn’t I do to Japanese knotweed?
  • Will this weed reduce a house to rubble? 
  • Can I ignore it when building on to the house? 
  • What options are available for controlling knotweed?
  • Can I identify it?
  • How does it spread?
  • What are my legal responsibilities regarding knotweed?
  • Where can I find impartial advice?


Introduction – Public attitudes; Recognise your plant - How does it reproduce? How has it become so widespread? Different forms of knotweed and other similar plants; Dealing with knotweed on properties - Basic do’s and don’ts, What should you do if knotweed is growing in your garden? What legal recourse do you have if it spreads onto your land? Buying property with knotweed growing on it, Mortgage lenders and the property market; Why is Japanese knotweed a cause for concern? – Environmental impact, Structural damage, Is Japanese knotweed a health risk?  Methods of treatment: what the professionals can do for you – Control or eradication, Control by herbicide: Glyphosate, Dormancy, ‘Bonsai’ regrowth – Excavation, Removal, Root barriers; Alternative methodologies - Hand-pulling, Cutting, Mowing, Covering, Burning; The consequences of knotweed disturbance, Insurance-backed guarantees, Insurance cover, Contractors’ obligations, Reinfestation; Finding impartial advice, Trade bodies and other organisations; Glossary; Useful information.


House buyers, house sellers, gardeners and park keepers, property agents and professional advisors, mortgage companies, invasive weed contractors.

Author / Compiler

Jim Glaister

Jim Glaister

Jim Glaister has been working in the invasive weed sector since 2004, and is Southern Area Manager for The Japanese Knotweed Company, based near Winchester, in Hampshire. He holds the CSIK qualification on Japanese knotweed, and is active in the Property Care Association’s (PCA) roster of examiners and markers for the CSIK qualification. Jim has also been a contributing author to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) online subscriber information portal isurve since 2009, providing entries on Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed, and conducting CPD presentations and webinars on invasive-weed topics to environmental consultants, local authorities and property-management companies. He is actively involved with the PCA’s Invasive Weed Control Group and serves on committees for development of educational courses and in organizing the PCA’s annual invasive weed conference. 

Jim’s other publications include factsheets on various invasive weeds on www.jkweed.co.uk and co-authorship of Invasive Bamboos – their Impact and Management in Great Britain and Ireland (2021), Japanese Knotweed Management in the UK – a Practical Guide for Invasive Weed Practitioners (summer 2022), and an expanded edition of this pocketbook for the general public (late 2022), all published by Packard Publishing Ltd.


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